As if knee high stockings weren’t Kitsch enough I love that Sophia’s desk is a dining table.

I can’t imagine anyone whose skirt is that short getting away with knee-hi’s. Apparently Sophia thinks this look is fashionable which is good as for sure once she removes them the impression left by the elastic will remain pressed into her legs for a good half  hour more of leg fashion. But perhaps they don’t bother her because, unlike in real life, they’re not even visible in the photo.


Anyone who’s worn this type of stocking knows they end up choking your legs, getting more and more hideous and annoying as they roll progressively down your gams until they finally turn into little roly-poly worms making your ankles look fat. As close as these things will ever get to my legs is contained in the cellophane on display in my bathroom.

Sophia’s pearls go nicely with her stockings.

sofia-stockings_5582 sofia-stockings_5580

6 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Sophia Knee-Hi Stockings”

  1. danielle!

    Your descriptions are TOPS! HAHHAHAHAH
    I bet the big boss got her those pearls

  2. Heidi Ehrenreich

    “little roly-poly worms making your ankles look fat.”
    An excellent right on description. Perhaps it has to do with the One size fits all! guarantee. As a person who is the 5’height range, I doubt that people who were 5’10” and I would share the same stockings. And if you happen to be at the 165 lb rather than the 90 lb end of the weight spectrum, I imagine the the cut off to your circulation may, indeed, put you in the hospital,regardless of whether you washed your hose by hand or not!

  3. dorothea tortilla

    Kitschy Girl,
    You make each and every day a hilarious laugh!!!
    Your descriptions and comments: way too funny and cool!!!

  4. snappyp

    yikes. Sophia probably weighs 125lbs b.c. the stockings fit just right. I think the table she sits at is a miniature one from the Barbie collection. The table stand is completely unreal and who thought about that lamp and those envelopes. The envelopes look cardboard. WEll Sophia has a busy day ahead of her. I’m glad she got her legs covered.