Anyone who knows me knows that getting me to eat celery or anything else green is no small feat. I’ve always thought that I’m prone to Kitsch because my brain has been tweaked by decades of glorious junk food ingestion. But I’ve been trying to make an effort to at least dunk my toes into the waters on the other side and pulling the stringy-green-stuff-that’s-much-better-for-me-than-a-Twinkie out of something that looks like this is the first step toward reformation.


This anthropomorphic celery is 7″ high and only holds about four healthy stalks.  Which is about as much as I can take. I fill it up every morning in hopes of it stopping me from scooping up a handful of M&Ms like everyone else who walks through my dining room does and so far it’s working.  I always respond better to things when they are aesthetically pleasing.

I found this guy on eBay. At that time he had an asparagus brother. I was outbid at the last second on that one. I HATE when vintage sets are broken up so wasn’t happy with the seller or the stealth bomber who didn’t have enough sense to go for both of them. But Mr. Celery is very happy here with all his other ceramic friends and I thank him for keeping me very healthy (and mature).

celery-jar_2063 celery-jar_2062

5 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Vintage Celery Vase”

  1. Heidi Ehrenreich

    So proud of you Willie. We all need a green friend with a sense of aesthetics. Crunch on dear friend.

  2. Douglas Wood

    This is gorgeous and I’ve never seen one like it before. A great example of how kitsch can sometimes be beautiful.

  3. Georgia

    I also appreciate the fact that the word “celery” had to beincorporated into the design to make sure everyone who saw it knew exactly what it’s to be used for…he reminds me of the trees that were on H.R. Pufnstuf.

  4. Nessa

    Oh wow, that’s fantastic! Too bad about the asparagus but you can be sure I’ll be looking for these at the sales from now on.