I know I promised more Fluffiness yesterday and today but I’m so overloaded trying to get ready for my show – writing, getting the music together, building the sets, ordering junk food, ordering vintage takeout bags to stuff it all in, planning souvenirs, making everything necessary to play a few games of Kitsch Bingo – K–I–T–S–C–H instead of  B–I–N–G–O – and photographing everything that’s in the squares and making trillions of versions of the cards so 400 people don’t win all at once – not to mention dealing with learning how to use all of the technology associated with what I’ve got planned, all of which I also have to prep all the elements for, plus I have to memorize everything I’m writing, but only after I edit out about 70% as it’s a week long at this point, and then I have to learn to deliver it with ease after I’ve avoided performing live for 37 years. So no more Fluffiness or blogging in general until next week and I’m secure enough that I have something to go on stage with. But I do have a whole hunka fabulously Fluffy photos to post so in the words of the disgraced CA governator, I’ll be back…

Ooh, this just got posted at The Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch @ AWMOK.com. Go there for a Fluff fix today.


2 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch ‘O The Day – Fluffless”

  1. sally

    Oooo Allee! Good luck with your show! I’ll be here, checking the blog, and the newspapers, to see how it went. You’ll do GREAT! And I’ll practice having patience while I wait for MORE FLUFF photos! You FLUFFY one…… Work well, sleep well, dream HUGE, and don’t forget to ENJOY doing your show!

  2. susan otten

    So sorry i missed it, and sorry to hear about your knee! Someday I will attend one of your fabulous events! Get well soon xo