Allee Willis

"Science fact: You cannot possibly get sick of 'September' by Earth, Wind and Fire” (Detroit Metro Times, September 9, 2015 )

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2008 Webby Awards
"It's A Woman Thang" video chosen 2008 Webby Award Honoree

"'Karate Kid' songwriter furious after Donald Trump uses 'You're the Best' during campaign”, (New York Daily News, August 25, 2015)
Hayden Thoman Interviews West End star Cynthia Erivo (New York Theatre Guide, August 10, 2015)
Allee Willis "Tom Green’s Webovision With Allee Willis" (July 29, 2015)
"The most interesting woman you've never heard of", (The Washington Post, May 17, 2015)
Allee Willis
"The most interesting woman you've never heard of", (The Washington Post, May 14, 2015)
Allee Willis
Watch Highlights from THE COLOR PURPLE, Heading to Broadway This Fall! (, May 2015)
"Jennifer Hudson is Heading to Broadway", (Billboard, January 9, 2015)
Jennifer Hudson to make long-awaited Broadway debut in 'Color Purple', (New York Post, January 9, 2015)
Allee Willis
"Allee Willis On the Edge - with Mark Thompson" (The Edge podcast, December 1, 2014)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis interview on KFI AM 640, (Thompson & Espinosa, November 20, 2014)
Allee Willis
Oh, Mary – Episode 31 with Special Guest Allee Willis (November 5, 2014)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis on Dutch TV - Writing "Boogie Wonderland", (MediaRockOn, November 11, 2014)
"Detroit Comedy Stars Salute Motor City in LA" (Detroit Free Press, November 3, 2014)
2015 Songwriters Hall of Fame nominees unveiled (CBS News, October 13, 2014)
Allee Willis
"The Song That Never Ends: Why Earth, Wind & Fire's 'September' Never Ends", (NPR, September 21, 2014)
"Allee Willis to sneak preview Detroit's new sing-a-long song 'The D' at United Sound Studios for public", M-Live, September 10, 2014
"Pittsburgh, Detroit and New Orleans: The Comeback Kids," (Movie Maker, Spring 2014)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis (WDIV/ NBC, First Block, March 25, 2014)
"Detroit's Creative Uprising Has A Voice. In Fact, With The Help Of This Visionary Artist, It Now Has Many Voices." (Blazenfluff, March 9, 2014)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis Talks "The D" (The Frank DeCaro Show, SiriusXM, January 30, 2014)
Allee Willis
Grammy Winning Songwriter Records Detroit Music Video (Fox News, September 29, 2013)
Allee Willis
Watch Allee Willis film her Motor City sing-along tribute 'The D' (MLive, September 26,2013)
Allee Willis
Grammy-winning songwriter filming music video in Detroit, (NBC News, September 19, 2013)
Good Works-Motor City Singalong, (Billboard, September 9, 2013)
Warm up those pipes, Detroit. Allee Willis is marching in for her "We Sing the D" project", (The Detroit Hub, September 6, 2013)
Society Confidential: Updating Allee and ‘The D’ (The Detroit News, September 6, 2013)
Allee Willis to Set Recording Record Recording a Record, (World Of Wonder Report, September 5, 2013)
"Will Oprah Winfrey Bring John Doyle's Revamped Revival of The Color Purple to Broadway?", (, August 19, 2013)
Gaining Voices and Losing Inhibitions, 'The Color Purple' Sings Anew in London, (The New York Times, July 16, 2013)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis, "Detroit", (The Sheena Metal Experience,, 6/17/13)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis (Two Chicks In Politics with Susan Olsen and Sheena Metal,, 6/17/13)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis Does Detroit! (The Oh Mary! Show,, June 4, 2013)
Allee Willis
"Allee Willis", (Jackie Kashian's The Dork Forest, May, 28, 2013)
"Here's Hoping This Is Up Your Allee", (The WOW Report, May 12, 2013)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis and "the D", (WJR Radio, The Paul W. Smith Show, May 14, 2013)
Grammy Winner Allee Willis Unites Detroit in Song With 'The D', (Huffington Post, May 20, 2013)
"A Celebration of Detroit From Songwriter Allee Willis", (BlackBook-The insider's guide to style and culture, May 17, 2013).
Allee Willis
"Vinyl Tuesday", ABC 720 Drive Program with Russell Woolf, Australian radio interview, May 6, 2013
You, too, can lift the city up — with song — by Grammy-winning Detroit native Allee Willis (Detroit Unspun, May 3, 2013)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis, Tyree Guyton meet over lunch at a Detroit junkyard (Fox News, April 30, 2013)
Heidelberg Project creator Tyree Guyton and songwriter Allee Willis dine in Detroit junkyard, (Michigan Live, April 20, 2013)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis radio interview, ("Two Chicks", LA Talk Radio, May 11, 2013).
Allee Willis
Allee on The Real and Chance Show, Feb. 12, 2013.
Allee Willis and PangeaTribe Join Forces in the Recording Studio! (The WOW Report, Feb. 7, 2013)
'Friends' songwriter is down with 'The D,' seeks local collaborators (The Detroit Free Press, January 25, 2013)
Musical Homage To The D (The Jewish News, January 24-30, 2013).
Kickin' It Old School — An Interview With Songwriter Allee Willis, (Back To The 80's, 12/15/12)
Start A Trendy Life, (Design & Trend, Dec. 1, 2012)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis, (The Sheena Metal Experience,, 11/23/12)
Badeya, Baby!, (Edge, 11/13/12)
Hit Songwriter Allee Willis Celebrates Her Life & Music in Badeya, Baby! (Huffington Post, 11/2/12)
Allee Willis, (Call Me Adam, 9/25/12)
Badeya, Baby! Allee Willis Up Close & Percolating....., (All Things Good, 9/13/12)
Performing Arts: Allee Willis, Badeya, Baby!, (Flavorpill, 8/10/12)
Allee Willis
The Kitsch Report - An Interview with Allee Willis, (The Swish Report, Episode 194, 8/14/12)
"Hit Songwriter Faces Her Fears With Live Performances", (Music Connection, 8/2012)
Grammy Winner Allee Willis Live at NoHo Performing Arts (, 8/7/12)
I Got Big Balls, (Thrillist LA, 8/1/12)
Golf As Art In Griffith Park, (Daily Press , 8/3/12)
Allee Willis goes 'Soup to Nuts' (Los Angeles Times 10/19/11)
The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch, An Online Place for aKitschionados (Laughing Squid 9/21/11)
Allee Willis' "Soup To Nuts Party Mix" (Top Pick in Los Angeles Times 9/10/11)
Allee Willis
Allee on the Sheena Metal radio show (9/15/11)
Bopping to Her Own Beat (New York Times 5/25/11)
The Songs of Our Lives (The Film Music Society 6/29/11)
Visit the Museum of Kitsch (Los Angeles Times Magazine 5/27/11)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis Shares Music & Memories On Michael Jackson (94.7 The Wave 8/30/11)
Allee Willis Has A House Full Of Memories And Funny Stuff (Janet Charlton's Hollywood 5/26/11)
Allee WIllis is a one woman geyser of awesome (Archie McPhee's Geyser of Awesome (5/28/11)
Life's A Kitsch (l.a. Eyeworks 5/30/11)
Allee Willis
Pat & Kim’s Person Of The Week: Allee Willis (94.7 The Wave 4/22/11)
Allee Willis Allee Willis Home to Benefit Mumford High School (Fox Detroit News 4/5/11)
Allee Willis Marches On Detroit (doDetroit 3/22/11)
The Queen Of Kitsch (Feast Of Fun 3/21/11)
Allee Willis
The Queen Of Kitsch podcast (Feast Of Fun 3/21/11)
Detroit, Prepare Yourself For an Invasion of the Willis Kind (The Hub 3/11/11)
Allee Willis
Allee talks about all things music and kitsch (Big Blend Radio 10/17/10)
Allee Willis Conducts Her Alma Mater's Marching Band (The WOW Report 10/14/10)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis and The University Of Wisconsin Marching Band (CBS News 10/9/10)
Multimedia Artist Allee Willis Speaks With Students (University of Wisconsin - Madison 10/11/10)
Unfiltered: Allee Willis on the Spirit of Detroit (Time Magazine 8/17/10)
'Jungle Animal' mashes music with web game (The Independent 10/26/10)
Allee Willis Allee on TMZ (6/28/10)
Allee Willis
The Life and Career of Allee Willis (In Discussion with David Gibbons 6/16/10)
A Broadway star transforms grocery items into kitschy 'food for thought' (LA Times 3/25/10)
Telling Our Detroit Story (Time Magazine Blog 3/19/10)
Allee Willis and the Sound of Soul Party (Los Angeles Times 2/24/10)
Time Magazine - Lily Tomlin's Short List (Time Magazine 2/1/10)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis and Pacifica Radio Archives "Sound of Soul" radio interview (2/27/10)
Allee Willis
Got to Shake It Up Now w Allee Willis (Tummelvision 2/5/10)
Allee Willis
Allee Willis and The Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch on NBC News (9/19/09)
Allee Willis, queen of kitsch (Los Angeles Times 9/14/09)
The 'Kitsch' effect (Los Angeles Times 9/14/09)
Allee Willis is simply the bee's knees... (Branded In The 80's 9/14/09)
The Queen of Kitsch (Style Section L.A. 9/13/09)
Kitsch museum to open online (USA Today 9/10/09)
Allee Willis
Allee on The Crystal Telephone with Rotary Rachel Show (Luxuria Radio 12/11/09)
Lily Tomlin at the Tennessee Theatre (Everything Knoxville 2/15/10)
The Worst Celebrity Product Licenses of All Time, Part 2 (Monkey Goggles 12/7/09)
The Worst Celebrity Product Licenses of All Time (Monkey Goggles 10/19/09)
Allee Willis
Allee on The Mark and Brian Show (KLOS Radio 9-21-09)
Pop Culture Puppetmaster - Sheri Barclay On Allee Wills: An Interview In Two Parts 12/17/09
Allee Willis
Allee Willis radio interview with Shari Barclay (The Barclay Hour 11/30/09)
Allee Willis on The Barclay Hour (The Barclay Hour 11/30/09)
Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch opening ( 9/9/09)
Exclusive Q&A: Allee Willis, Queen of Kitsch (flavorwire 9/14/09)
Get Your Fez Out! The Museum of Kitsch is Launched! (LAist 9/16/09)
Allee Willis
Allee on The Crystal Telephone with Rotary Rachel Show (Luxuria Radio 9/18/09)
Allee Willis
Allee on the John Phillips Show (KABC Radio 9/21/09)
Museum of Kitsch Closing Karaoke Night (LAist 9/21/09)
Earth, Wind & Kitsch (Around The Earth 10/9/09)
Trendy Living 101: How to live trendy ( 7/15/09)
Allee Willis’ bubble-gum-pink house in Valley Village (Los Angeles Times 2/20/09)
Allee Willis
Hey Luenell podcast (2/20/09)
Kitsch museum to open online (abc News 9/10/09)
New Favorite Website: The Museum Of Kitsch (the Frisky 9/23/09)
Allee Willis' Museum of Kitsch, For Collectors of Fat Superman Portraits and Other Beautiful Nonsense (urlesque 9/17/09)
Melrose Placed (LA Weekly 8/19/09)
Allee Willis: full of spirit and life (it's Oh! Music Artist Blog 10/22/09)
Allee Willis by Growing Bolder (3/7/09)
Jerrie Thill: She's 91 and still rocking (and there's a new YouTube video to prove it) (Los Angeles Times 2/5/09)
Yes, You Can! Lessons From A 91-Year-Old Drummer On An Oxygen Tank (Huffington Post 2/13/09)
91-Year-Old Lady on Oxygen Tank Plays the Drums (The Huffington Post 2/9/09)
Allee Willis
Radio Interview: Allee and her high school on Pacifica Public Radio during a Civil Rights tape fundraiser (11-18-08)
Allee Willis: Creativity Without Boundaries (BMI MusicWorld 8/16/08)
Artist at work ( 8/8/08)
Flaunt Magazine, 9/08
A Talk With Allee Willis (Retrojunk, 11/08)
Party At Willis Wonderland (LA Weekly, 9/4/08)

Allee Willis interview part 1-4(The Highway Girl, 9/08)
           and photos

The Launching Allee Party ( 8/8/08)
Adventures In Wonderland (Los Angeles, 8/8/08)
Allee Willis Thinks Big ( 09/08)
Dolly Parton: We Will Always Love Her (The WOW Report 8/15/08)
Celebrity Alum Gets Red-Carpet Welcome At Mumford High (Detroit Free Press, 7/13/08)
Allee Willis
WJLB radio interview (5/20/2008)
Cue TV Theme As It Fades Into Sunset (L.A. Times 5/31/2008)
Allee Willis
WDET radio interview (5/23/2008)
The Color Success (metrotimes 5/2008)
'Color Purple' Comes Home (Detroit News 5/2008)
Color Purple (The Windsor Star 5/2008)
'Color Purple' Reveals A Deep Shade Of Beauty (Detroit News 5/2008)
2 former Detroiters wrote songs for show (Detroit Free Press 5/2008)
Music Connection Songwriter Profile (4/2008)
Wisconsin State Journal (4/2008)
Look Back at Composing The Color Purple ( 2/2008)
Bubbles & Cheesecake (944 Magazine 2/2008)
Allee Willis interviewed (The Riffin' Record 2008)
Meet the Man Who Invented the Album Cover as We Know It ( 2/12/08)
Interview with Allee Willis of Bubbles and Cheesecake ( 1/2008)
The Color Purple review (Variety 12/2007)
Bubbles & Cheesecake (Spin Daily 12/2007)
Bubbles & Cheesecake EP (Indie Launchpad 1/2008)
Girls Gone Wild... (Doctor Noe's Media 12/2007)
It's A Woman Thang (dollymix 11/2007)
Women Should Just Stay In The Kitchen... (Electroqueer 11/2007)
Daily Pop Nosh (popbytes 11/2007)
Soul-Kitsch Sisters Bubbles & Cheesecake (Music Connection 11/2007)
Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis (Frontiers Magazine 11/2007)
Bubbles and Cheesecake... Dig It (Troy Devolld 11/2007)
the soul kitsch of Bubbles & Cheesecake (Mainstream Isn't So Bad 11/2007)
launch of Bubbles & Cheesecake (Mickie's Zoo 10/2007)
If Gnarls Barkley Had A Sex Change... (Electroqueer 10/2007)
cheesetastic (LA Weekly 10/2007)
A Kitschy Extravaganza (LA Splash Magazine 10/2007)
Video Premiere: "It's A Woman Thang" ( 10/2007)
Bubbles & Cheesecake (scott-o-rama 10/2007)
PROMO: Bubbles & Cheesecake (totally fuzzy 10/2007)
A Soul - Kitsch Revolution (LA's The Place 10/2007)
Bubbles, Cheesecake and a Whole Lot of Champagne! (The LA Eye 10/2007)
Extra Aural: Bubbles & Cheesecake ( 10/2007)
Janet Charlton's Hollywood 2007
Will Purple Reign? cover story (Chicago Tribune Magazine 4/2007)
Two Hits Shows Lure New Audiences (Detroit Free Press 4/2007)
Allee Willis, Adoption Agent (Billboard, 3/2007)
What's In A Name? (Billboard, 3/2007)
'Color Purple' Proves Black Themes
Can Make Green on Great White Way
(The Wall Street Journal 12/2006)
Songs in Hit Movies (11/2006)
Team 'Purple' (Daily News 6/2006)
First Woman Ever (5/2006)
In Conversation On The Color Purple (The Dramatist 5/2006)
One Huge Musical. Three Energetic Friends. Zero Experience (New York Times 11/2005)
Bubbles Goes Gay! (LA Weekly, 12/2003)
Art and Agony in Los Angeles (, 5/2000)
Thrift Shop Chic (NoHo News, 4/2000)
Allee's Playhouse (Channels, 12/1999)
Success Stories From Ebay (New York Times 5/1999)
Address to Congress for BMI (9/1997)
Offbeat willisville is open for business (USA Today 6/1997)
Now Entering willisville; Please Drive Interactively (LA Times 6/1997)
Another World (The Wall Street Journal 3/1997)
willisville and Intel (Fortune 2/1997)
The Gods of Silicon, The Wizards of Hollywood (Upside 1/1997)
Upside's Elite 100 (Upside 12/1996)
Fill My Bandwidth Baby (Wired 7/1996)
willisville: Online Virtual Worl (Fortune 7/1996)
It's Party Time At willisville (Release 1.0 5/1996)
Can Intel Keep The PC All-Powerful? (Business Week 5/1996)
Silicon Valley Meets Hollywood (USA Today 3/1996)
The Future of CD-ROM (CD-ROM Today 1/1996)
MediaTV (1995)
Allee's Playhouse (WebMaster, 11/1995)
New Synergy (New York Times)
Virtual-world users put themselves in a sort of electronic puppet show (New York Times 7/1995)
Revolution My Foot! (Interactive Week 5/1995)
Looking For Life In willisville (Interactive Week 12/1994)
On The Interactive Road To willisville (BMI MusicWorld 1994)
Inside Interactive Multimedia with Allee Willis (Society of Composers and Lyricists (Fall 1993))
Totally Wired (MacHome Journal 9/1993)
The party gal as one of multimedia's newst artists... (Hollywood Reporter 4/1993)
Willis Picks CIES (Digital Media 3/1993)
Multimedia: Are We Having Fun Yet? (millimeter 10/1992)
Interactive Media (Hollywood Reporter 10/1992)
Multimedia Means Business (Hollywood Reporter 6/1992)
Night Of The Living Negligee Party III (Buzz 1991)
"Smock It To Me" Party (L.A. Weekly, 5/1991)
"Smock It To Me" Party (L.A. Style, 7/1991)
Night Of The Living Negligee Party II (Details Magazine, 4/1990)
Night Of The Living Negligee Party II (L.A. Weekly, 11/1989)
Night Of The Living Negligee Party II (People Magazine 1989)
Night Of The Living Negligee Party II (Spin Magazine 1989)
Night Of The Living Negligee Party (Details Magazine, 2/1989)
Night Of The Living Negligee Party (L.A. Weekly, 11/1988)
Night Of The Living Negligee Party (The Hollywood Reporter, 11/1988)
Valley-dictorian Allee Willis (LA Weekly, 6/17/1988)
A Midsummer Arts Scene (Hollywood Reporter 1988)
Magnificent Obsessions (Hollywood Reporter, 7/1987)
Visions of an Artistic, Eccentric Playland (LA Weekly, 6/19/1987)
Songs And Art Make '50s Freak Allee Willis A Creative Monster (People Magazine 1986)
The California Party, B.Y.O.S (California Magazine, 10/1986)
California Retro (Casa Vogue, 8/1986)
Pravda translation of "Neutron Dance" (L.A. Times, 9/1986)
Allee Willis' San Fernando Road for Jacqueline Onassis (California, 6/1986)
US rock stars celebrate 'nuclear art', Pravda says (Boston Globe 1986)
Merry Gravediggers (Pravda, 8/1986)
Taking A Look Through The Pop Artist's Kaleidoscope (Elle, 7/1986)
She's No Longer Doing It For A Song (Los Angeles Magazine, 1/1986)
Neutron Dancer (Herald Examiner, 12/1985)
One of LA's more talented, multi-dimensional artists is Allee Willis (Wear, 10/1985)
50's, The decades's design, from kitsch to class (Life Magazine, 8/1985)