Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction LP
From the collection of: Travis Goodwin
Located in : LP's, Religious, Romantic


In the 1950s, The ‘Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction’ was the Christian how-to sex education guide for parents. It instructs them on how to teach the shame of masturbation (Track 3: The Problems of Growing Boys) and how babies are made (Track 1: How Babies are Made).

Since this particular specimen is forever preserved behind protective glass and simulated chrome frame, it is not to be played. However, I can reveal to you the basic answer to every question, including the purpose of menstruation, is that ‘God did it’ (Track 3: Girls and Menstruation).

A word of warning: this album features gratuitous use of the word ‘golly.’

What Allee has to say about this:
I love recordings like this, a perfect waste of vinyl scaring the shit out of kids and making parents who cling to such doctrines even more rigid if that’s possible. I guess the gratuitous use of the word ‘golly’ makes it okay for them to be talking about sex (or lack of it).

Who is Christopher? Is that a person, a religious Institute or what?

I know it’s stuck behind glass but I’d kill to play this LP if only to learn how babies are made.