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MY FIRST PIECE was called “JESUS SAVES ON SHOES”. It features a cabbage patch doll whose legs and arms are big because she suffers from Lymphedema, whose ultimate form is Elephantitus. Jesus comes to visit with presents. He is a paper doll with cardboard backing. They are both in wheelchairs from the thrift store.

What Allee has to say about this:
I’m happy to see these two wheelchaired friends. The generous Jesus allowing a Cabbage Patch to embody the Elephantitis girl while he’s just paper, allowing him to be more frail then her. I love that they’re speaking to each other and that she got all dressed up for the occasion.

What’s in her left hand? She sho must’ve been runnin round that Cabbage Patch cuz the bottom of her feets is dirty.

I love that Jesus is saving on shoes allowing the wheels to wear out and not his feet which need to be in perfect condition in order to receive the nails which will soon become a permanent part of his podiatry history.

I always like signs taped on art. The less thinking I have to do about what something means the better.