Geraldine & Ricky Perform @ FBA
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What we have here is a confluence of kitscheries. We have a tall, hip, rapping black guy named Tall interviewing Geraldine and Ricky, a Christian ventriloquist act, and he learns that they are now rapidly patriotic: Geraldine wears what appears to be a reconditioned flag and Ricky has joined the Army–of the Lord. Bonu…s for Allee: Geraldine gives out her address, so you can get an autographed photo for the Museum. Got wood?

What Allee has to say about this:
Spectacular!! The outfits kill me too. TOTALLY sending away for the autographed photo.

My Kitsch O’ The Day blog on the spectacular 1960’s Geraldine and Ricky from May 3, 2009 contains much bio info: