Hollywood Cesspool! A Wonderful Book About A Wonderful Town!
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i love religious rants about anything to do with pop culture, whether it be backward masking satanic carpenters records or against hollywood itself! this is a goodie with a cool cover from 1955. this book deals with such important subjects as: drinking & smoking by stars, dop, rape & lawlessness by stars, , hollywood “reds” & “pinks”, movie portrayal of life is perverted, movie portrayal law breeds lawlessness, movie portrayal of the lord is blasphemous & the 3 major parts of the book are called: part one-movie makers-behind the scenes cesspool, part two-movie morals- on the screen cesspool, part three-movie manners-cesspool effects from seeing movies (which only has one chapter:the fatal disease, “hollywooditus”…oy, these people were/are insane & there’s so many suckers in the world for them to take advantage of.

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What Allee has to say about this:
I love how intrigued Evangelist Sumner Is of the word “cesspool”. He uses it so much I feel like I want to jump in. Except that I probably already have.

Love the colors of the cover and especially like the little comb marks around the word ‘Hollywood’.

This is the kind of guy that was probably doing starlets of both sexes on the side.