The Cooper Family religious LP
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Dad is the only that does not match a fellow family member! What is that child in the back standing on! We had this fireplace in my house or at least one that was very similar! I need to have the clock tho!

What Allee has to say about this:
There are many things outstanding about the Cooper family and their lovely living room. The matching outfits are exceptional but why didn’t daddy have to participate? Mom’s terrific drapery dress is only outdone by the sheer girth of her glasses and what looks to be multi-Coke bottle lenses. Little Suzy’s perfect bouffant hair looks like it was baked in the oven it’s so perfect. The candlesticks perfectly framing the family against their fake brick wall adds a brilliant touch. Even the mantle of what I’m hoping is a fake fireplace despite the fact that fireplace tools are poking up out of Little Suzy’s left shoulder is perfectly symmetrical as well. The 50’s clock adds the finishing touch. I might have been God’s child too had I realized that such incredible art direction was involved.