Howdy Doody Salt & Pepper Shakers
From the collection of: Allee Willis

I, like so many others of my vintage, was a Howdy Doody freak. Howdy was a pop star before there was such a thing. Although I wasn’t big on Western TV motifs I was really into Buffalo Bob Smith’s fringe laden shirt and I was so laden with freckles growing up I was totally into Howdy’s speckled face too.

Howdy Doody ran on NBC from 1947 until 1960. One of the first TV shows in color, NBC, which also owned RCA who manufactured color TV sets, used the show in part to sell color sets to an enamored tot audience.

These salt and pepper shakers were one of the first pieces of memorabilia I found when I discovered thrift shops.

To this day, every time I shake one of them I get a hit of my childhood. I wanted to be Princess Summerfall Winterspring and Flub-a-dub, 8 animals in one – combo duck, cocker spaniel, seal, cat, elephant, dachshund and pig – was a true inspiration to my budding multimedia self.

Although the thought of anything food related like these S&Ps coming from a town named Doodyville isn’t the most appetizing of thoughts I like shaking Howdy’s head every time I need to spice things up.