Florida Teapot Wall Plaque
From the collection of: Lasagne Lady Fitch
Located in : Animal, Household Accessories, Kitchen, Places, Statuary/Sculptural


I get so happy when I see this. I think sand beaches, warm air, cotton candy and pelicans. why did someone make this half pitcher? I love the pinkishness on the handle and the lip. It is so perfect and the drawing of the palm tree kills me. It is so perfectly dashed off and the brush lines of the ocean- it is all bullseye fantastic.

What Allee has to say about this:
This qualifies as Kitsch on so many levels. First, Florida. Second, a pink flamingo, the other national bird of Kitsch along with the owl. Third, the fact that the ocean is drawn straight through the flamingo instead of taking the extra few seconds and painting the entire flamingo pink. Fourth, the pitcher’s cut in half. And fifth, the pitcher’s sitting in a small bowl despite the fact that nothing can possibly be poured (and therefore nothing can drip) out of it.