1960 Footsie toothpick holder
From the collection of: Gray G.
Located in : Household, Kitchen, Statuary/Sculptural


This toothpick holder has been a permanent fixture on my great aunt Irene’s dining room table for as long as I can remember. The last time I visited her I managed to snap a photo of it. I adore it and promise to bring more photos of creatures like it to this wonderful site. Her house is full of them! (and isn’t the table cloth just adding a touch of Kitsch gravy?)

What Allee has to say about this:
Now, are you 100% certain that this is a toothpick holder and not a salt shaker? For sure is there not a little cork or rubber cap on the bottom? I have a set of feet S&Ps, not as spectacular as what you have here, but feet as S&P’s are much more common a breed than a toothpick holder. I’m also thinking that because it only has three holes it may be to shake salt out of.

I actually don’t care what this is because it’s so beautiful. The big toe sticking up kills me and the color of nail polish is excellent, especially the way it blobs over on the skin of the big toe. It’s also great that the foot includes part of the leg. And if it is, in fact, one half of an S&P set I love that your great aunt Irene has recycled it as a toothpick holder. And, yes, the way the tablecloth shows off the beauty of the single appendage is spectacular!