Dionne Warwick’s “The Psychic Within” Boardgame
From the collection of: Jason Mecier
Located in : Celebrity, Games, Music


Still in the shrink wrap.

What Allee has to say about this:
So jealous of this. I always meant to buy it when I first saw the game on TV and just never got around to it. That kind of thing never happens anymore. I snap things up as soon as my eyeballs begin to pop.

Dionne Warwick recorded a few songs of mine over the years. Of course, if I ever had the chance to actually sit down and talk with her I would’ve been more interested in talking about the Psychic Friends Network than any song. She was way ahead of the curve on this one.

If this weren’t still sealed I would ask you to photograph the game board and some of the playing pieces as I’m dying to see what the psychic says. But I understand the sanctity of the shrink wrap and will, as such, restrain myself.