Liberace, Your Personal Fashion Consultant
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“Liberace Your Personal Fashion Consultant” is a book of cardboard die cut punch out images of Liberace in the most outrageous and kitschy costumes ever. The book comes with little stands so you can stand the punch-outs on your desk, dashboard, or just hang them from your Kitsch tree…

What Allee has to say about this:
I’m partial toward vintage when it comes to paper dolls but the mere mention of the name of Liberace catapults this over any of my prejudices into the penthouse of Kitsch because the man was the personification of the word itself -KITSCH. Not just what he looked and acted like but the fact that he was really talented, had a great personality, knew how to form a community of people, combined high and low art, knew who he was and put it out there boldly and made a career out of it. A true interactive multimedia personality before we knew what that was. Kitsch is often boldness expressed colorfully and that ran through Liberace’s brain.

The outfit on the cover is stupendous. More than anything the shoe and sock combination is killing me, especially the little patchwork squares on the shoes. The fringe and sparkles all go without saying as does the hair and proud stance of Liberace.

Would love to see more of the cut-outs inside.