The Popener
From the collection of: Tacky Julie
Located in : Drinks, Household Accessories, Religious


The Popener is a bottle opener that features the image of Pope John Paul II. It the essence of kitsch…that perfect blend of a figure of eminence with a mundane item of everyday utility. As far as I know, it is only available at a souvenir shop just outside the Vatican in Rome. If anyone is planning a trip to Rome, I would love to know if they are now selling Pope Benedict XVI popeners. Just go to the Galleria Mariana on the Via di Porta Angelica and tell them Tacky Julie sent you.

What Allee has to say about this:
BRILLIANT! You’re absolutely correct that it’s a perfect blend of eminence and the mundane, ingredients for the ultimate Kitsch.

I have a bunch of Pope stuff that I’ve collected for the same reason but it’s all plastic. nothing as regal as what you have here. The addition of the gold metal makes me wish I had a chilled Colt 45 right here giving me an excuse to hold something so precious in my hand to pop it open.