Because I was a multi-media artist before the term officially existed, I started throwing parties at Willis Wonderland so I could combine everything I do - art, music, sets, graphic design, video, technology, collecting, directing, hosting - into one artistic expression. I hand-pick party guests like I'm casting a movie. From A-list movie stars to Z-level Kitsch stars I jam them all together in one swirl of hi and lo performance art. I emcee everything and all my conversations are on mic. I hand-make invitations and souvenirs. Themed food bubbles and explodes. Sing-alongs to my hits abound. I build sets and design games and activities that I cast fictional characters to lead. I auction off items from my prized vintage memorabilia collection. Kitschy thrift shop prizes for various themed categories are always awarded. As People magazine says, "She throws parties that are works of art in themselves... Invitations to Willis's ultra-exclusive...parties are the campiest hot tickets in LA."

A typical Allee Willis party - The Smock It To Me (Art Can Taste Bad in Any Medium) party, 1991.